Turnkey Constructio

turnkey construction

ADCCO began providing complete turnkey construction projects since 2006. The primary benefit of the turnkey concept is that a single, experienced source is responsible for your entire project. Turnkey services are proven to reduce scheduled project time and cost.

This represents a core activity of ADCCO. We have the resources and the experience to tender for a variety of civil works and are now recognized on the market for being a reliable strategic contractor. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians are trained to provide the best services in the field of civil & electromechanical services.

ADCCO construction team is specialized in developing of industrial structures sizing of thousands of square meters, and construction of commercial and residential buildings with all class of amenities & facilities. Our expert team are ready to help you in every stage of the construction, from planning, project feasibility, tendering to post-construction property management.

In the field of industrial electrification & plumbing works, ADCCO has proved itself to be an expert and has carried out works as per the industry specifications and standards. It caters all types of electrical and plumbing works.

ADCCO has done Infrastructure works for many Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects as per the international standards. We are also capable of designing works as per the requirement of the projects.

We offer services that keep the customer facility in great shape. We work closely with the customer to develop a customized plan that is satisfactory to his needs.