Design & Build

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The hallmark of a design & build project is where a single firm is responsible for both design and construction of a project. The design & builder contracts directly with the subcontractors and is fully responsible for the delivery of the project. ADCCO's design & build services provide an integrated wide range turnkey services; from architectural design to engineering, from construction to project management service in order to realize your project. Increasingly, clients are seeking a turnkey package that encompasses everything from preliminary project planning to long-term operations and maintenance. The demand for ADCCO's design & build capabilities emphasizes the advanced Design Build's experience, services, and resources. Flexible, knowledge driven and skilled in creative problem solving, ADCCO answers the demands of the design, engineering and construction market sectors. ADCCO's experience provides a holistic approach with a thorough understanding of issues including shifting customer bases, growing operational demands, changing regulatory requirements and the need to balance short-term realities with long-term objectives.

Everything ADCCO undertakes is completed within multiple contexts: risks rewards, accountability, regulatory scrutiny, economic prudence, public sentiment, present realities and future possibilities. Whether you retain ADCCO to provide a single service or the entire package, ADCCO approaches every project the same way: focused on delivering results that exceed your expectations.